Ethnic type:Middle Europe/Caucasian
Range age: 35 – 45
Height: 163’5 cm
Weight:  55 kg
Eye color: brown
Natural Hair Color: Brown
Current country of residence: Madrid, Spain
Country of birth: Madrid, Spain
Country in which the artist grew up during his childhood: Madrid and Gerona (Cataluña)
Town and province where you usually reside: Madrid, Spain
Possible accommodation: Madrid (Spain), Munich, Mexico and RD.
MATERNAL Languages:
Accents: Murcian, Mexican, Galician, Andalusian, Argentinian.
Languages-HIGH LEVEL / BILINGUAL (not mother tongues)
Catalán (bilingual)
English (intermediate level)
Sundance-Winner 2006
Nominated for the Goya 2003 as aShort film “La ruta natural” dir: Alex Pastor.
Sundance 2006 Winner
2003: «Dí que si» dir: Juan Calvo
2003: Short film “La ruta natural” dir: Alex Pastor. Nominated for the Goya as best short film.
«Sopa de Gansos Instant» Tele 5 (Stand up)
«Before 10» La 10 (presenter and scriptwriter)
“Night lights up” Tele5 (collaborator)
Central of Comedians. Paramount Comedy Channel (currently Comedy central-Stand up)
Stand up Monologue for the Mandragora (Special program No. 100). TVE2
Stand up New Comics. Paramount Comedy Channel
Stand up Monologue for the Mandragora. TVE2
Stand up Monologue for the Mandragora. TVE2
«Winds of water» (protagonist’s Sister)  dir: J. J. Campanella. TV 5
2005-2021: Stand up on a comedy circuit
2003 -2020: Stand up comedy monologist
«La cocina de los monólogos» (guest monologue) (Teatre Neu. Barcelona)
«Terror and misery of the Third Reich»(Bertolt Brecht)  dir: Juan Carlos Corazza
«Our People» (Thornton Wilder) dir: Juan Carlos Corazza
Collaborator in:
«El mañanero» morning show
«Al aire libre» magazine
«El mismo golpe» Magazine
1998-2003: Interpretation with Juan Carlos Corazza (complete formation)
1999. Actoral technique course with Lorena García and Manuel Morón
1999-2003. Regular voice and singing course with Lidia García.
Regular singing course with the Voice Craft Training System with Víctor Gonzalez.
Other specialties:
Stand up (Comedy Central)
Other special abilities, other university studies:
Trading finance.
Sports: Ride Horse, Pilates, yoga, meditation.

Instagram: @begocomedy
Facebook: Begoña Guillén
tictoc: @begoguillen

Actress-Presenter-Comediant Spanish Reel

Stand Up

Spanish Actress Reel

Radio-Begona Guillen y Miguel de la Cruz-Frases Dominicanas que te exoneran dé toda culpa