Ethnic type: Caucasian
Range age: 15-20
Year of birth: 2003
Height: 5,7
Eye color: Brown
Natural Hair Color: Brunette
Current country of residence: Spain
Country of birth: Spain
Country in which the artist grew up during his childhood:  Spain
Town and province where you usually reside: Marbella , Málaga
Possible accommodation:
Course at the «Black Box Marbella Theatre».
Theatre course in the “School of Interpretation of Sebastian Haro», body language and expression, interpretation, voice, scenery and representation of classics
Acting for film Course at the Sebastian Haro School in Seville.
Course of «Screen Acting Course for teens» at the «Momo» School of Interpretation. Australian Film School. We filmed a small film with a professional team. We learned how to make a casting, acting in front of the camera.
Course of «Screen Acting Adult» program at the «Momo School of Interpretation»
Intensive course «4k cinema» «School of Cinema of Malaga». Scripts, editing, shooting and screening of the short film on the largest cinema screen in Andalusia Ultra HD, Cinemas Yelmo.
Course of «screen acting for teens» program at «Marbella Film School» Marbella
Michael Chekhov Studio London. Theatre Workshop directed by Iñigo Galiano “The Master Key to Acting Freedom.”
The Chekhov Principles applied to text and scene work to reach maximum potential as actors for 2 consecutive years
Training at Rock factory school of music (modern songs)
Executive Assistant to The Director ‘The Wisdom of Eve’ An International Theatre Studio production.
Experience in scenery at a particular level (school, theatre, neighbourhood associations …)
Other specialties:
Dance: hip hop and jazz
Sports: athlete, playing basketball
Musical instruments: guitar and piano
MATERNAL Languages: Spanish
Accents: Andalusian and neutral spanish from Spain.
English (Bilingual)
Accents: American English,British English, Bristol accent,London accent, New York accent ,Texas accent
German (basic)
Italian (basic)
Other special abilities:
“West stories” a film inspired by game of thrones it recreated the most emblematic scenes of the series Role: Main/Lyanna Mormont
Short film : Plasencia stories Role: Main/Lola
Short films made in professional courses -Professional 4K cinema short film projected in the Malaga Yelmo cinemas made at the Malaga Film School Role: Main/Ana
Short film: XBOX games Role: Main/Linda
Small TV series : ‘False moral’ Role: Main/Sandra
“The lion king musical” Role: Main/Scar villain
“Les miserables” Role: Main/Fantine
“A Christmas carol” Role: Main/Scroodge
“T’was the night before Christmas” Role: Supporting/Little girl(Olivia)
 “How the grinch stole Christmas” Role: Supporting/Little girl
“Circus Olympus” Role: Main/Osina
“Into the woods the musical” Role: Main/Cinderella

English Scene "Like a Virgin"