Ethnic type: Caucasian
Range age: 30-45
Year of birth: 1987
Height: 6ft / 182cm
Weight: 95 kg
Build: Athletic
Eye color: Blue
Natural hair color: Light Brown
Natural hair: Wavy
Special physical characteristics: Tattoo right upper-arm & chest
Current country of residence: London, England
Country of birth: England
Country in which the artist grew up during his childhood: England
Town and province where you usually reside: London
Possible accommodation: Madrid (Spain)
MATERNAL Languages:
Other Languages:
Learning French, Spanish & Sign.

FILM CREDITS (selection)
Justin (Lead) in Room Sixteen Dir: Dom Morgan GUILD OF THE NIGHT
Adam (Lead) in Genesis Dir: Tom Woodrow GEEK MEDIA
Alex (Lead) in Alex Inside Dir: Daniel James GEEK MEDIA
Sgt. Lou Richards in This Sceptered Isle Dir: Jake Berry 2 TAKE FILMS
Mike in Hurt Dir: Gabi Wood BFI FILM ACADEMY
Knight in KOTRT: King Arthur Dir: Guy Ritchie WARNER BROS
Harley (Lead) in SlasherHouse 2 Dir: MJ Dixon MYCHO FILMS
Assassin in Grimsby Dir: Louis Leterrier  BIG TALK / SONY
Heavy Gunner Storm Trooper in Star Wars VII  Dir: JJ Abrams LUCASFILM / BAD ROBOT
Burton in Finding Home Dir: Rupert Rixon    PERSPECTIVE PICTURES
Jake (Lead) in Beyond Redemption  Dir: Andrew Gilbert HUNDY GILBERT MEDIA
Pvt. James in Fury Dir: David Ayer NORMAN PRODs. / SONY
Trav (Lead) in Estate Dir: Andrew Gilbert HUNDY GILBERT MEDIA
Needles (Lead) in Stephen King’s Night Surf Dir: Tony Pomfret   SPRINGBOARD ARTS
TV CREDITS (selection)
Officer Bobkiewicz in American Monster (Season 6) Dir: Bill Thomas DISCOVERY
Alex’s Driver in BulletProof (Season 2)    Dir: Sam Masud SKY
Roman in Flying Tiger Dir: Chuen-Yee Cha YOUKU / SHAW BROTHERS
Wayne Ritchie in Legend Hunter Dir: Rachel Keenan  ICON FILMS
Prince Barry in Taboo Dir: Anders Engstrom FX / HARDY SON AND BAKER
Robert Evans in Dark Angel Dir: Brian Percival   ITV / WORLD PRODUCTIONS
Agent Mike Spann (Lead) in C.I.A Declassified  Dir: Richard Walker WORLD MEDIA RIGHTS
The Hardman in Dove (DreamTeam)Dir: Ross McClure    NEWS CO
Vince Vega in Virgin Media “Chapel” Dir: Dean Blumberg HUNKYDORY
German Goalkeeper in Gatorade “Chile” Dir: Diego Gomez    ACCION CHILE
Narrator in When This is All Over Dir: Charlotte Straw LOST FROG PRODUCTIONS
Presenter in In the Process Dir: Elizabeth Cassidy ZENNOR PRODUCTIONS
Presenter in Push the Limit Dir: Ross McClure Dir: Becky Watson ONLINE / NEW MEDIA
Bad Dads review – https://open.spotify.com/episode/62CznBRj38mzSasxTe9sE6
BTG Interview – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeaHKPGzoiA
Comic Con – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdUxio6JDpU
DLFAJM Interview – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLfD5wLWj7I
Everything Geek – https://mixlr.com/ruari-williamson–2/showreel/everything-geek-podcast-live-guest-interview- jamie-chambers
Movie Metropolis – https://moviemetropolis.net/2017/10/01/interview-with-actor-jamie-chambers/
Schofield Stories – https://open.spotify.com/episode/0K96IgNhYn3HrRaMDy2Gd1
Shadow Nation – https://shadownation.com/star-wars-stormtrooper-jamie-chambers/
Star Wars Wiki – starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jamie_B._Chambers
Stephen King Shorts – www.stephenkingshortmovies.com/interviews/jamie-chambers-october-4-2017/
SWCCPT – http://swccpt.blogspot.pt/2017/09/entrevistas-swcp-jamie-chambers.html#links
Poor School – Foundation in Acting; Paul Caister, Grantley Buck Actors Temple – Meisner acting Technique; Tom RadcliffeBrunel University – Bachelor’s Degree – Sports science
Komornicki Film Armoury – Fire Arms Training Hamish MacLeod – Historical Fire Arms Training Noble training solutions – Stage and Screen Combat British Action Academy – Warrior Masterclass
Pistols, Rifles, Carbines, Sub & Heavy machine guns
Period and Modern Firearms
Unarmed, Knives, Melee and Swords
Warrior, Battle, Titan & Advanced Phases (Phases IV)
Dagger, Rapier, Sabre, Broadsword, Battle Axe
Sports: Judo, Kick- Boxing, Krav Maga, Martial artist, Motion Capture, Parkour, Personal trainer, Rock Climber, Rugby, Scuba diver, Stunt driver, Stunts, Swimmer,  Sword fighter, Footballer, Goalkeeper, motorcycle
OTHER SPECIALTIES (at a professional level)
Motion Capture
Performance capture Screen Combat Voice-over
Other special abilities:
Accents and Dialects, Screen & Stage Combat, Unarmed combat, Action Performer, Athlete, Film Production, Firearms trained, High Falls, Impersonation, Impression, Improvisation,  Narration,  Presenter, Public Speaker,  Voice over
Driving licence:
Driver license, Expert car driver
Motorcycle driver without a license