Ethnic type: Black
Age range: 40 – 50
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Build: Athletic
Eye color: Brown
Natural Hair Color: Black
Current country of residence: Germany
Country of birth: Germany
Country in which the artist grew up during his childhood: Germany
Town and province where you usually reside: Berlin
Possible accommodation (around the world): Germany (Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt) Spain (Barcelona, Madrid) USA (New York; Athens,Ohio)
MATERNAL Languages: German
BILINGUAL: English, Spanish
Accents: Hamburg
2022 Award for Best Film “4 Walls”, the Golden Squirrel at the Allgäuer Filmfeschdival (For Producing)
2019 Award for “Best Ensemble Cast” for Tamora Imperatix at the Lake View International Film Festival
2017 Award of Recognition – Best Ensemble for Open Wound – The Über Movie at the Hollywood Int. Moving Pictures Film Festival
FILMOGRAPHY (Selection): Netflix UK “Zero Chill” Role: Axel Stelzer; “Dads: Home alone Part 4” Role: Samuel; “!Red Roses”: Role Dr. Hendrik Althaus; “I want my Happiness back” Role: Jamal; “Tatort Mainz” Role: Coroner; “Tatort Cologne” Role: Theo Wangila; “The Rosenheim Cops” Role: Manfred Auberger; “Blind Investigation” Role: Walter Eckmann; “WaPo Berlin” Role: Makoye Schneider; “Borga” Role: Bartez; “The Licemother” Role: Jerome Fischer; “Christmas in Vienna” Role: Interviewer; “Martha & Tommy” Role: Bernd Johnsen; “Nightwatch” Role: Sunny Adewunmi; Netflix Germany “Rising High” Role: Topcu; “Under different Circumstances” Role: Jonas Kitanou; “Dr. Vet Mertens” Role: Dr. Jack Stuart; “Get Lucky – Sex Changes Everything” Role: Cop; “Tamora Imperatix” Role: Aaron; “Prof. T” Role: Malik Taza; “Betty´s Diagnosis” Role: Bijan Obasanjo; “Open Wound – The Über Movie” Role: Man, “Bad Cop” Role: Snow White; “Call the Boys” Role: Janni; “Alarm for Cobra 11” Role: Nicolaus Sartisson, “Last Trace Berlin” Role: Cobo Traore; “The Correspondence” Role: Lab Technician; “Germany 83” Role: Diplomat; “4 Walls” Role: Jens Mattern
FILMS: A selection: “Tatort Mainz” Role: Coroner; “Tatort Cologne” Role: Theo Wangila; “I want my Happiness back” Role: Jamal; “Dads: Home alone Part 4” Role: Samuel; “Blind Investigation” Role: Walter Eckmann; “Martha & Tommy” Role: Bernd Johnsen
TV SERIES: A selection:  Netflix UK “Zero Chill” Role: Axel Stelzer, “The Licemother” Role: Jerome Fischer; “!Red Roses”: Role Dr. Hendrik Althaus; “WaPo Berlin” Role: Makoye Schneider
THEATER: The Opportunity Vol. 1-3, Makembo
FILM DUBBING: Zero Chill, The Legend of Tarzan, Queen Sono, The Widow and more
Sports: Basketball, Football, Marathon Running, Fitness, Scuba Diving
Dance: Cha, Cha; Jive; Rumba; Samba
Musical Intruments: Guitar (Basic), Drums (Basic), Piano (Basic)
Driving licences: Car
TRAINING: 2011- 2012 Actor´s Space Studio Berlin with Mike Bernandin, 2012 Andre Bolouri Coaching Studio Berlin; 2015 Masterclass Nancy Bishop; 2019 Chubbuck Training by Tim Garde; 2020 Private Acting Coaching with Dominique Chiout

Memberships: Equity UK; BFFS Germany

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