Age range 40-50 
Date of birth:
Height: 1’60cm
Eye color: brown
Natural hair color: Brown
Hair type: Straight Hair
Current country of residence: Spain
Country of birth: Spain
Country in which the artist has grown up during his childhood: Madrid
Town and province where you usually reside: Spain-Madrid
Mother tongue: spanish
Accents: neutral castellan Spanish
Other Languages
English (mid-level)
Sports: Yoga teacher

THE UMBRELLA OF COLORS Short film-GOYA FINALIST Director: Eduardo Cardoso
FILLING IN THEHOLES OF ME HEART Short film-Director: Eduardo Cardoso
X Feature film-Director: Luis Marías-Production Company: Boca Boca .Madrid
LEO Feature film-Director: José Luis Borau-Producer: Magnet Madrid
B&B (by word of mouth) (Character: Rosi)-Series, season 1-Daniel Ecija, Mediaset Spain.Globomedia
MIRACLES SOLDIER Recreations, Fourth Millennium Director: Fernando Ribes
XIMO FERRANDIZ Recreations, Fourth Millennium Director: Fernando Ribes.
GLORIA MARTÍNEZ Recreation, Fourth Millennium Director: Fernando Ribes
THE ANGEL OF THE TRENCHES Recreation, Fourth Millennium Director: Fernando Ribes.
CENTRAL HOSPITAL Series, Chapter 209 Director: José Luis Berlanga
POLICE-Serie Globomedia Producer, Madrid
LAWYERS-Serie-Director: Antonio Cuadri
THE COMMISSIONER Serie-Director: J. Ramón Paíno
THAT DISCREET CHARM OVER THERE – Author: Rulo Pardo-CONFINED THEATER-Collaboration Abbey Theater 2021
ON THE WAY TOTHE SAWMILL-Author: Marco Magoa-Director: Marco Magoa-St. Ethelburga’s Center for Reconciliation and Peace London | Copenhague 2021
THE SECOND HELL-Author: Alberto de Casso Basterrechea-Director: Andrea de Gregorio-Lagrada Room | Madrid.
NATASHA’S DREAM-Author: Yaroslava Pulinovich-Director: Marina BrusniKina-Cycle «A look at the world»-Dramatized readings-C.D.N | Madrid.
IMPROMPTUS-Author: Claudia Faci-Director: Claudia Faci
Cycle «The place without limits»-Pradillo Theater | Madrid.
GRISALDI OR THE ETERNAL BOYFRIEND-Autor: Alberto de Casso Basterrechea-Director: Lidio Sánchez Caro-Fernán Gómez Theater-Madrid.
ORGIAME-Director: Santi Senso-Company: Simbolia Theater-Intimate Sensory Theater-Madrid.
TIME AND CONWAY-Author: J.B. Priestley-Director: Juan Carlos-Company: Pérez de la Source Productions-Canal Theater Madrid
THE MERCHANT OF VENICE-Author: William Shakespeare-Director: Denis Rafter-Company: Darek Theater
AGNES OF GOD-Author: Jhon Pielmeier-Director: Fernando Méndez-Leite Company: New Comedy-Madrid
THE CALUMNIA-Author: Lillian Hellman-Director: Fernando Méndez-Leite Company: New Comedy-Madrid
AUTUMN FLOWER-Author: José Ma Rodriguez Mendez Director: Ignacio García-National Dramatic Center.Madrid
THE CUTE DON DIEGO-Author: Agustín Moreto-Director: Denis Rafter-Company: Darek Theater-Madrid
THE KNIGHT OF OLMEDO-Author: Lope De Vega-Director: José Pascual
Century Foundation, National Company of Classical theater Madrid
MOTHER THE DRAMA FATHER Author: E. Jardiel Poncela-Director: Sergi Belbel-National Dramatic Center-Madrid
THE ESSEX GIRLS-Author: Rebeca Pritchard-Director: Pablo Calvo-Fourth Wall Room-Madrid
MAC NAMARA-Video Clip-Director: Sara Bregaza.
Professional actress, graduated from the Royal School of Dramatic Art of Madrid (RESAD 1996-2000).
She completed her studies for 4 years in the workshops of the National Classical Theater Company (2002-2005)
Singing studies, with professionals such as Inés Rivadeneira or Nicolás Ibáñez.
The place without limits
Dramaturgies in motion
C.D.N, Reina Sofía National Art Museum, Pradillo Theater. Impromptus. Claudia Faci.
Master course with Will Keen
«The word made action.» Aisge
Verse Workshop National Classical Theater Company. Francisco Rojas. Madrid.
Verse Workshop. National Classical Theater Company. Vicente Fuentes. Madrid. Pavón Theater.
Interpretation Workshop. National Classical Theater Company. Denis Raffter. Madrid.
Driving licences  Car license B

E-Talenta: comino up soon

Spanish Reel