Ethnic type: White (Caucasian), Scandinavian, Mediterranean (clear)
Age range: 28 – 38
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Eye color: Blue/green
Natural Hair Color: Brown
Natural hair type: wavy
Current country of residence: Sweden
Country of birth:  Umeå, Sweden
Country in which the artist grew up during his childhood: Umeå, Sweden
Town and province where you usually reside: Madrid (Spain) and Stockholm (Sweden)
Possible accommodation: Barcelona, Spain
Mother Tongues: Swedish, English and French
Spanish, Portuguese, German Italian
Other: Russian
Dialects: Norrland (Sweden) (Native dialect)
Accents: Swedish (Native accent), German (excellent), American (excellent), Australian (excellent), British (excellent), Scandinavian (excellent), Spanish (excellent), French (excellent), English (excellent), South American (excellent) , Indian (good / good), Latin American (good / good)
Interpretation studies Stella Adler Studio of Acting
New York Summer Conservatory
Royal Swedish Ballet School, Sweden
Other training schools:
Other specialties:
Dance:Choreography (excellent), Contemporary dance (excellent), Improvised dance (excellent), Interpretive dance (excellent), Free dance (excellent), Theater dance (excellent), Dance-training (excellent), Jitterbug (excellent), Lindy Hop ( excellent), Ballet (good / good), Charleston (good / good), Jazz (good / good), Musical (good / good), Rock and Roll (good / good), Cha-cha (Basic), Hip Hop (Basic) , Samba (Basic)
Balada (bueno/bien), Musical (bueno/bien), Pop (bueno/bien), Folk (Básico)
Sports: Yoga (excellent), Acrobatics (good / good), Gymnastic skills (good / good), Wrestling (good / good), Swimming (good / good), Weights (Basic)
Other special abilities, other university studies:
Driving licences / Other permits:
Driver’s licence car, Driver’s licence scooter
Agenterna – Dir.Lina Åström – Issuer / Distributor: SVT
Ack Värmland 2 – Dir.Ulf Malmros – Broadcaster / Distributor: TV4 / Bob Film Tv show
Vårdgården – Dir.Christian Eklöw/Christopher Panov – Broadcaster / Distributor: SVT / Baluba Television
Holstein-Gottorp – Dir.Ola Norén –Issuer / Distributor: TV4 / Jarowski
La Solución – Dir.Jonathan Scherzenlehner – Main role
Claudius’ Bachelor Party – Dir.Urban Eriksson – Dramakvarnen/Claudius Svensexa Theater – Secondary actor
The Twelfth Night – Dir.Edda Edlund – Theater Carpa – Secondary actor
Skånes Dansteater – Dir.Åsa Söderberg -Dancer in the company
Duplo Commercial – Dir.Rane Tiukkanen – Secondary actor – Commercial
Elon – Dir.Måns Herngren – Co-protagonist – Commercial
Topp 3 – Dir.Sofie Edvardsson – Main role – Voice-over
Bränner Staden– Dir.Olof Werngren – Dancer Co-protagonist – Music video

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