Nikki Bohm, is an established multilingual Actressand Artist Autuer, raised in Vancouver, Canada and Zagreb, Croatia, currently based in Los Angeles, California.Ethnic type: Balkan, Germanic, Latin American, Mediterranean (fair), Middle Europe/Caucasian, Slavic/Eastern European, White
Range age: 27 – 40
Height: 6’ feet (183cm)
Weight: 75 kg
Build: fit-slim
Eye color: Brown
Natural Hair Color: Brown
Hair type: straight medium long
Current country of residence:  USA (Los Angeles), Spain (Madrid), Croatia/Canada Dual Citizenship, US Greencard.
Country of birth: : Croatia
Country in which the artist grew up during his childhood: Croatia and Canada
Possible accommodation: London (Reino Unido), Barcelona/Madrid – Cataluña (España), Rio de Janeiro/Salvador/Sao Paolo (Brasil), Buenos Aires/Rosario (Argentina), Berlin – Brandeburgo (Alemania), Montreal/Toronto/Vancouver (Canadá), New York, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco (Estados Unidos de América), Bogota (Colombia)
MATERNAL Tongue: Bosnian, Croatian, English, English – American, Serbian , Serbo-Croatian
English (Middle) (fluent), English – British (fluent), German (fluent), Portuguese (fluent), Spanish (good), Latin (basic)
Dialects: Bosnia (native dialect), Central Serbia (native dialect), Croatia (Central) (native dialect), Dalmatia (native dialect), Herzegovina (native dialect), Istria (native dialect), Montenegro (native dialect), Slavonia (native dialect), Central Federal District (Russia) (fluent), Cockney (fluent), Far Eastern Federal District (Russia) (fluent), German (Northern) (fluent), Greater London (fluent), Ireland (Northern) (fluent), Kosovo (fluent), Mediterranean Region (fluent), Munich (fluent), Salzburg (fluent), Scottish (fluent), Ukraine (fluent), Vojvodina (fluent), Austrian (good), Berlin (good), Catalonia (good), England (East) (good), England (North East) (good), England (North West) (good), England (South East) (good), England (South West) (good), France Centre (good), Lisbon (region) (good), Low German (good), Lower Austria (good)
Accents: American (native accent), American Midwest (native accent), American Southern States (native accent), American Western States (native accent), Californian (native accent), Canadian (native accent), Caucasian (native accent), Croatian (native accent), English (native accent), New York (native accent), Texan (native accent), Austrian German (very good), Bavarian (very good), British (very good), Cockney (very good), East European (very good), German (very good), German (Northern ) (very good), Italian (very good), Latin American (very good), London (very good), Mexican (very good), Portuguese (very good), Russian (very good), South American (very good), Spanish (very good), UK (Northern) (very good), Arabic (good), Argentinian (good), Belfast (good), Bristol (good), Cardiff (good), Catalan (good), Czech (good), Dublin (good), Estonian (good), French (good), Irish (good), Irish (Northern ) (good), Irish (South) (good), Irish RP (good), Liverpool (good), Manchester (good), Polish (good), Scotland (Central) (good), Scotland-West Coast (good), Scottish (good), Welsh (good), Welsh (Standard) (good), African (basic), Australian (basic)
AWARDS: award-nominated short film “Affections” by Fatalis Partnership
Macon in Action Thriller «Road Wars” out on DVD Worldwide, lead role of Gigi in Thriller “Nobody Can Cool” out on DVD US/CANADA, lead role of Erin Cooper in “Off the Record”, Deadly Daisy in award-winning short film “Ticket to the Haunted Mansion”, Nikki in JauntVR’s 360-Stunt Short Film «Escape the Living Dead» directed by award-winning director Matt Lewis, Lucila/Nidorina in award-nominated film “Nidorina”,  and writer and lead role of Woman in experimental short film “Nothing Happened” which premiered at the prestigious Muestra Audiovisual Cine Sinú, in Montería, Colombia. Additional film credits include lead role in short film “Pride”, lead role of Isabella in “Breathe”, lead role of April in award-nominated short film “Affections” by Fatalis Partnership and various others.
Other skills: Alexander Technique, Artistic Director, Director, First aid, Improvisation, Motion capture, Pilates, Poet, Stunts, Translator, Workshop Filmmaker – (Director/Writer/Producer)
Film Dubbing
IPA Proficient (expert trained in phonetics)
2 year Full-Time Program – Associate of the Arts – 2007-2009 – American Academy of Dramatic Arts New York (AADA)
Shakespeare & Contemporary Summer Intensive – 2006 -The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts London, UK (RADA)
Summer Intensive Acting Course – 2005 – The School for Film & Television, NY
Intensive Summer Drama Course – 2004 – London Drama School, London, UK
Acting & Dance – 1999-2007 – ZKM (Zagreb Youth & Avante Garde Theater Zagreb, Croatia)
Acting/Dance Workshop – 2000-2003 – Jeunesse Musicale Int’l Grisignana Istria, Croatia
Other training schools:
Scene Study – 2014 – ongoing – Sal Landi, Acting Coach, Los Angeles CA
Classical Musical School Croatia –Piano (6 years)
The Rock Academy, Zagreb – 2003-2007 (Saxophone)
EXPERT at IMPROV and Comedy.
Dance: Expert In Aerial Pole Dancing – I am a Certified Instructor. Dance improvisation, Dance theatre, Dance training), Disco, Free dance, Funky, Gogo, Interpretive dance, Jazz dance, Modern dance),, Show dance (very good), Stage dance, Striptease), Urban dance, Vogue, Burlesque, Choreography, Musical, Period dance, Rock ‘n’ roll, Salsa, Samba), Tango (, Waltz,
Basic. Tango, Ballet, Ballroom, Cabaret dance, Classical, Dancehall, Latin American dance
Singing: Alto
Médium level: Musical, Punk, Rock, Soul, Stage singing)
Basic level: Blues, Funk, Pop, Pop song
Dubbing voice: Alto
Musical instruments: Saxophone (very good), Keyboards (good), Piano (good)
Sports: Hight level: Aerobics, Athletics, Canoe, Cycling, Gym, Horseback riding, Jogging, Kayak, Mountain biking, Pilates, Roller blading, Rollerskating, Rowing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Stage fighting, Swimming, Sword fighting, Tennis, Volleyball, Wakeboarding, Water-skiing, Yoga, Badminton, Basketball, Billiards
Médium level: Bowling, DL – Defense Lab / DNA Fight Science System, Dressage, Fencing, Handball, Ice skating, Ice skating, Martial arts, Pool, Rafting,Scuba Diving, Shooting, Soccer, Squash, Trampoline, Weights
Basic level: Archery, Baseball, Boxing, Camel riding, Darts, Fishing, Golf, Marathon, Netball, Table tennis)
Specialist (Stuntman, Stuntman)
Stage and Screen Combat – Fight Choreography (Expert), Swords/Dagger (Intermediate to Expert), Handguns + M-16/Rifles + Other Guns Expert, Military Training, Horseriding (English, Western) , Driving Muscle Cars + Military Vehicles, Wires, Squibs (Gun/Knife+Blood), Creatures + Creature Stunts, Worked in various Combat Scenes with Live Fire, Explosives and Pyrotechnics
Driving license: Driver’s licence car
SAG (Screen Actors Guild) (USA)
AFTRA – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (USA)



International Reel