Ethnic type:

Ethnic type: Slavic/Eastern European
Age range: 25-40
Year of birth: 1990
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Build: Athletic
Eye color: Blue
Natural hair color: Light brown
Natural hair: Curly medium long
Current country of residence: Lithuania
Country of birth: Lithuania
Country in which the artist grew up during his childhood: Lithuania
Town and province where you usually reside: Vilnius, Lithuania
Possible accommodation (around the world): Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), UK (London)
Mother tongues: Lithuanian & English
Standard American, Russian, Eastern European

2023 “Parade”, dir T. Laucius, role: The Priest;
2018 “Owl Mountain“, dir. A. Juzėnas, role: Lieutenant;
2016 “Winter Thaw” (Lithuania, USA) short film, dir. Adam Tomas Anderegg, role: Homeless man;
2016 “Тhe Тwelve Chairs”, dir. A. Ramanauskas, role: Paramedic;
2015 dance film “If it Seems I’m Not Here At All”, dir. J. Tertelis, choreographer G. Grinevičiūtė, role: The Man;
2013 Short dance films: “A’mar”, “First Contact”, “Faked David”, workshop “Summer Media Studio: Dance In Film”
2023 “Lovers”, dir. S. Balandis, role: Tomas;
2022 “Bandit Wars. Icebreaker”, dir. R. Rudokas, role:  The Wolf (criminal);
2022 “Network”, dir. S. Balandis; role: bandit Nierka;
2022 “Bandit Wars. Viscous Feet ”, dir. R. Rudokas, role:  The Wolf (criminal);
2021 «Without the Moon», dir. D. Vilčinskas, role: Lawyer Bieliauskas,
2021 “The Mole”, dir. A. Šlepikas, role: Estonian criminal;
2021 «Max Anger – With One Eye Open» dir. Lisa Farzaneh and Jesper   W. Nielsen (Lithuania, Sweden), role: Policeman;
2020 “Bandit Wars. Princes”, dir. R. Rudokas, role: The Wolf (criminal);
2019 “Mother’s Choice”, dir. M. Pogrebiskaya (Ukraine), role: Cardiac surgeon Alexander;
2018 «Who Cares About Love?», dir. R. Rudokas, role: Dovydas (homosexual);
2018 “Doomed 4”, dir. R. Rudokas, role: Jurkinas (hacker)
2021 „Prayer of Remembrance“ by G. Gorin, based on Sholom Aleichem’s stories, dir. V. Gurfinkel, role: Fiodor;
2020 „The Will“, based on the V. Shukshin’s stories, dir. V. Gurfinkel, role: Stiopka;
2019 musical «Into the Woods» by S. Sondheim, dir. V. Malinauskas, role: Rapunzel‘s Prince;
2019 «Thirteenth Apostle, or Cloud in Trousers» based on poems of V. Mayakovsky, directed by J. Vaitkus, role: Poet-atheist;
2019 immersive theatre performance “Uncle Vania” by A. Chekhov, dir. T. Montrimas, role: Attendant;
2018 “Idiot”, a variation on the themes of F. Dostoevsky’s novels «Idiot» and “Demons”, dir. A. Jankevičius, role: Burdowsky;
2018 “Russian novel” by M. Ivaškevičius, dir.  O.Koršunovas, role: Vronsky;
2018 “The Ugly One” by Marius von Mayenburg, dir. A. Špilevoj, role: Karlman;
2018 “Chalk” by M. Valiukas, dir. G. Surkov, role: Еgor;
2017 music band project “Berloga”, dir. K. Krasilnikovaitė; role: Guitarist;
2017 “The Legend of The Great Combinator”, dir. R. Atkočiūnas, role: Kolia;
2016 “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” by A. Pushkin, dir. P. Vasiliev, role: Prince Gvidon;
2016 documentary performance “#motherland”, dir.  G. Surkov, role: Telman;
2016 “Seven Fridays of the Pharisee Saul” by A. Andreyev, dir. J. Vaitkus, role: Andronik;
2016 immersive theatre performance “Code: Hamlet” inspired by escape the room game genre, dir. O.Lapina, role: Rosencrantz;
2015 “Seven Beauties” by Nizami Ganjavi, dir. J. Vaitkus, role: Shepherd, Dervish;
2015 musical „Scarlet Sails“ inspired by A. Grin, dir. H. Petrockis, role: Arthur Grey;
2015 „The Bear“ by A. Chekhov, dir. K. Krasilnikovaitė, role: Smirnov;
2014 “Shardam Circus” by D. Harms, dir. O. Lapina, role: The Clown;
2014 “Life Is Good” by P. Priazhko, dir. T. Jašinskas, role: Alexey;
2014 “The King Lear” by W. Sheakspeare, dir. J. Vaitkus, role: Edmund;
2014 “Zoya Apartment” by M. Bulgakov, dir. R. Atkočiūnas, role: OGPU officer;
2014 “Lituanica” by S. Šaltenis, dir. J.Popov, role: Gymnasium pupil Kestas;
2013 “Eugene Onegin” by A. Pushkin, dir. J. Vaitkus; role: Lensky;
2013 physical theater performance “Romeo and Juliet” by W. Sheakspeare, dir. P. Uray, role: Romeo;
2012  “Three Lovers” by Žemaitė, dir. L. Adomaitienė, role: Liudvikas;
2012  “The Bear” by A. Chekhov, dir. L. Adomaitienė, role: Luka;
2012 “Christmas Tree at the Ivanovs” by А. VVedensky, dir. J. Vaitkus, role: Lumberjack, Medic;
2011 „Man and Woman“ (contemporary russian dramaturgy presentation), dir. O. Lapina, role: The Man.
2011 „Man Who Gets Slaps“, dir. J. Vaitkus, role: The Clown;
2011 ”Madwoman” by Y. Ronen,  dir. L. Adomaitiene, role: Patient;
2010  “With acquaintances” by A. Chekhov, dir. L. Adomaitienė, role: Nikolai Timofeevich
Tele2 (Lithuania)
Bite (Lithuania)
Working as a Wedding Host (Wedding MC) for many years
2023 Yesterday, dir: A. Juzenas;
2013 Ekskursante, dir: A. Juzenas;
Sports: Cycling (very good), Chess (very good) Swimming (good), Weights (good), Gymnastics (good), Mountain biking (good), Pilates (good), Badminton (good), Yoga (basic), Football (basic), Basketball (basic), Boxing (basic)
Singing: Tenor, A Cappella (good), Choral Singing (good)
Dance: Contemporary dance, waltz (basic)
Musical Instruments: Acoustic guitar (very good), electric guitar (good), bass guitar (good), block flute (very good)
Other skills: Stage combat
Driving licences: Clean car driving licence (EU)
2018 – 2020    Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA)
Master’s studies in Theater Art (Acting);
2009 – 2013    Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA)
Bachelor of Theater and Film Acting
Other training schools:
Barry Primus Masterclasses (Method Acting);
Practical self-tape workshop with Maureen Hughes (Ireland)
Memberships: Lithuanian Actors Guild

International Reel

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Russian Introduction