Ethnic type: Caucasian, Slavic
Age range: 45-60
Height: cm 179
Weight: kg 73
Build: Athletic
Eye color: Blue-green
Natural Hair Color: Brown
Current country of residence: Germany (soon Spain Mallorca)
Country of birth: Germany
Country in which the artist grew up during his childhood: Germany
Town and province where you usually reside: Berlin (Mallorca)
Possible accommodation (around the world): Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Berlin, Luxembourg, Rio de Janeiro
Mother Tongues: German
Other languages:
English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), French (good), Italian (good)
Accents: Austrian, Cologne, German-English and French in Spanish

FILMOGRAPHY: (selected)
2024 „El Coreo“ Francois Letissier Daniel Calparsoro | Vaca Films Prod.
2024 „Cranco“ Nicolas Beriozoff Joachim Lang | Zeitsprung Pictures
2019 “Torpedo” Leutnant Werner Sven Huybrechts|A Team Productions
2018 “El Fotografo de Mauthausen” Zierreis Mar Targarona |Rodar&Rodar|Netflix
2017 „The Chessplayer“ Coronel Maier Luis Oliveros | JL Vision Film
2012 „Belle du Seigneur“ Van Vries Glenio Bonder | Phoenix Worldwide
2008 “Vampire Party” Lieutnant Mr. Francis S. Cafiero, V. Lobelle | Dark Sky Films
2006 „Minotaur“ Taran Jonathan English | First Look International
2004 “Georg and the Dragon” Mercanary Tom Reeve | Centurion
2002 “Twin sisters” German Officer Ben Sombogaart | Miramax
2001 “The Musketeer” Mercanary Peter Hyams | Centurion, Miramax
TV SERIES: (selected)
2024 „Barrio Inglés Friedrich Schneider Chiqui Carvburante, Tapi | TVE
2024 “Oderbruch” Arthur Kring Christian Alvart, Adolfo Kolmerer |CBS Global
2021 “Passport to Freedom” Milton Hardner Jayme Monjardim | GloboPlay
2021 “Jaguar” Otto Bachmann Carlos Sedes; Jacobo Martinez | Netflix
2020 “Tell me who I am” Ulrich Jürgens Esuard Cortés |  Movistar +
2020 “Heirs of the Night” Redmask Leader Diederik Van Rooijen | Amazon Prime
2020 “Ludzie i Bogowie” Alfred Spilker Bodo Kox | TVP
2019 “Capitani” Lumbermann Christophe Wagner | Netflix
2014/5 “Binny and the Ghost” Hubertus Andy Fetscher | Disney Channel
2013 “Air Force One is down” Racic Cila Ware |  Sonar Entertainment
2013 „Hindenburg“ Strumbandführer Philipp Kaddelbach | Toei Company
Instruments: Trumpet professional, Saxophone Basic
Sing/voice register: Tenor
Other skills: Argentinian Tango
Driving licences: Car and Motorbike
Physical characteristic Scare on stomach
Permanent training in various techniques: Chubbuck / Meisner


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